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12th Place Films is a Nevada-based independent film development and Hurricane Katrina consulting concern. If Treme Press (tra-may) is for publishing books on Katrina, Post-Katrina Creole New Orleans, and beyond, then 12th Place will be for the developing and producing of said stories.

On September 7, 2005, with the encouragement and support from the late Frederic L. Willis (a/k/a “The Liaison”), M. Woods left his home in Southern Nevada and joined the Katrina Relief Efforts. He would co-found The Contraflow Project, a nonprofit research and Katrina survivors virtual office management TCP Dataorganization. In a world gone digital after Y2K, so many New Orleans survivors who were accustomed to standing in lines at brick and mortar government offices were lost. Woods made sure that those he helped were digitally connected.

Woods also thoroughly, compassionately and electronically documented the relief, recovery, repopulation and reconstruction of New Orleans; while simultaneously conducting a Katrina survivor and responder oral history campaign between Sept. ’05 and Sept. ’13. This led to the accumulation of folders, reams, boxes and gigabytes worth of data and media content over the past ten years. What began as a heartfelt response to a humanitarian crisis, the assisting of fellow Americans in dire need, evolved into arguably the longest running and most successful Hurricane Katrina Response research endeavor. Woods now wants to bring his research to light in the forms of documentaries, multi-media exhibitions, a mini-series and feature films.

Are the cable TV series of today, the miniseries of yesterday? Some say yes. We say no. Nevertheless, the better question is what will separate 12th Place’s anticipated miniseries project from American Crime Story’s announced Season Two (now, Three)? 12th Place will focus on the Katrina responders, a point of view that has yet to be taken Katrina moviesseriously or brought into its proper perspective. Woods says, “It is in the disaster responders’ experiences in New Orleans that the definitive story of the Katrina Response will one day be told.” He goes on to say, “The public is going to be surprised when it finally learns what really happened on the Gulf Coast during those fateful days leading up to Labor Day ’05.” CONTRAFLOW: A Katrina Heptalogy, authored by Woods, will be brought to light in 12th Place’s anticipated miniseries; a working title to be named at a future date.

12th Place’s anticipated feature film project will come from the adaption of Woods New Orleans A.D. book series, where he writes about the lead character gathering information on the disaster while being embedded in Post-Katrina Creole New Orleans.

And finally, 12th Place’s post-Katrina documentaries. Between Nov. ’05 and Sept. ’08, Woods continuously shot candid reality footage down in New Orleans. Three documentary projects are on the table; one focusing on the survivors, one on the responders and one on the volunteers. As in all of our film projects, we will be targeting the mass audience. With the 2016 “Oscar So White” controversy, we see an opportunity to gain support, package our projects and go after green lights. We’ll be blogging and tweeting updates as we move forward. New Orleans-set films…for global audiences!


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